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The wonderful statue of Goddess which was incarnated on earth, was going on without saying, ‘God gave wisdom to man’, but where was he unknowable to take his pleasure? In misery and lust, he misused the divine boon and lost the joy that he could get. He is worthy of praise, but other creatures of creation do not have this kind of stupidity. Even if the quantity of their consciousness is low, but by mixing the emotion with their emotions, where is loneliness?

A nap of sleep has changed. If the vision was scattered all around, then he was not there, the Great, who narrated the nectar-like beautiful preacher. It felt as if he had gone into this river, leaving a human form and turned into a stream. They did not hear the words spoken in the language of man, but every time – every time they heard the voice in the sound of yesterday, the message was present. These leather ears were not able to hear him, but spirit of ears was still understanding – it was assuming.

Was this awakening or dream? Was truth or illusion? Were my own thoughts or divine message? Something was not understood. Eyes walked hands on head. The person who had heard – tried to find him but found nothing, but there was some solution. So many saw that many lunar reflections on the bouncing waves Being a form and gathering from around and smiling, something is saying. If you want to listen to them, then the youngest child like they say the reflection. We are so laughing to play with you so many lunar-smiles. Do not you accept us as your companion? Are not we good companions? Humans have come from your selfish worlds, from which to whom there is love, whom he loves, he loves it. By which selfishness he loved dearly, from which selfishness he did not go away, this is the history of your world, do not leave it. Learn the art of our world. There is no narrow mind, no love here, not selfishness here, here all are your own. It is thought that everyone has their own soul. Think of you similarly. Then we will not be able to see you as a deserter while you are with so many lumbering figures.

Do not look at this river, being entangled in the love of the beloved, is going on with so much devotion and anxiety to meet them. Where the obstacles of the path stop him? Where does he see darkness and loneliness? For a moment from the journey of goal, where does his mind repeat? If you want to adopt path of spiritual practice, then you too have to adopt it. When your soul to becomes like a stream of River to get fest, then where will the crowd have a charm and fear in desolation? What wonderful marvelous dance were these eyes? Mind was becoming increasingly vigilant. Seeing the picture of your beloved, see’. In everybody, the soul is dancing in the same way as with the auspicious waves of the river, there are many moons of the same moon. ” All night passed, Sun has begun to appear in the sky. The one who saw was amazing. The fear of desolation went away. The feet towards the hut were slowly returning. The light of desolation was still present in the brain.  

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