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In Budapest (Hungary) till the age of thirteen, Shensi was a victim of paralysis. Parents arranged for medical care could have been done. The result did not happen. The worry of parents for the future life of the child was inherent in such a situation. But the hope and enthusiasm in the child’s mind were taking the waves. He read somewhere that paralysis can be removed from water therapy. What was it then that started the water adventure and continued to enjoy it. Floating in the water, floating in the water, then playing the water polo, and then the miles swim swimmers. In 1962, Swansea won the world record of swimming on the River. Prior to this, many small competitions also continued to be included, so the practice continued to grow. By swimming in the distance of 230 kilometers in 41 hours 40 minutes, people are surprised to be amazed at swimming, honored in swimming. 

Whenever there was a high success in previous exercises, they did not sink in the ego because they knew that drowning in a wholesome success was to block the path of their success. Also, every success has given her new excitement and new inspiration.Mr. Abraham Nemeth of America has introduced a blind education system called ‘Braille Side Rule’. On the basis of which thousands of blind people are now living and living their life by making education self-reliant. Anybody who works such a great benefactor will understand that he has been a healthy auspicious and rich. Only then could find such an important education system.

But Mr. Nemeth was in contradiction to this belief. They were absolutely blind and also poor.For many who do not know the glory of effort and happiness, many things in the world can be impossible and amazing. But those entrepreneurs who are hardworking and destined, do not believe in this nonsense and do not consider any work impossible for humans. How could they even study it? Because at that time there was no mathematics education facility in Braille. He was diagnosed with an M.A. in psychology. passed to. But his curiosity in mathematics did not diminish. While continuing to think of the mathematics education facility in the Braille method, continuously thinking about creating the education facility of mathematics in the Braille method. His passion and self-confidence had convinced him that if efforts are made honestly, then a solution can also be given to the blind students to teach mathematics. After finding education, even after finding work, no work was found, then it was not right to spoil more time and took up the task of chewing the pillows.

They gained a great deep sense of empathy and economic prosperity on the basis of merit and best practices. Coincidentally, they were introduced to Florence, an inferior but profitable woman. They gladly accepted the marriage. Although Florence was blind, she had no lack of service in her husband. He encouraged Nemeth to continue reading in the education system of the blind. Nemeth received great enthusiasm and support in this cooperation with his wife. They got involved in their main work. For this, he started studying many other languages and soon gained control over languages like French, Hebrew, Greek, and Latin.

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