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The discovery of any substance is very cautious but with readiness. Coveting of greed for the possession of space could not be cured, then how can it be possible to know power of ‘every world’ and reconcile with it and possibility of getting a lot more? The ‘per substance’ of ‘world’ is the paramount attraction of today’s science world. Very serious efforts are being made with caution in his quest.

In the year 1928, the concept of ‘per substance’ of substance was done only under theory of relativist quantum, but then such direct experiments were not possible in that regard as it has happened today. As reaction of action and sound of echo resembles, ‘substance’ along with ‘substance’ also works. Various types of activities are being made possible in world only by these binary entities. If the bullets are filled in a box, then their movements will not be possible; Similarly, if the atom is everywhere in world, then its movements will stop and the entire silence will be seen and the stability will be seen. This substance is the substance that is giving molecule an opportunity to continue its movements.

Russia and American scientists are trying hard to achieve this substance. With the heat of 3000 kilograms of electrons, a new copy has been received by the nuclear particles – the hope of obtaining antitoxin ‘hydrogen’ and helium ‘decryption’ is now becoming increasingly strong. But this difficulty has not resolved yet how to keep them safe. One bad habit of them is that they are unable to make their own existence alone. As soon as they occur, they dissolve with other particles and lose their existence. If it becomes possible to keep it safe then friction of substance and antimatter will be possible and by that process so much energy can be obtained that lack of cheap electricity across the world can not be experienced anywhere. Then the small sun will be grown and it will be possible to keep the energy required by them as per will and as per convenience.

Radio waves from space tell that in every field there is a large amount of money being produced. In relation to where this genesis is occurring, science of Alfvan states that it is boiling in ‘Saigels’ and ‘Virgo’ nebulae and creating newer planetary constellations that are made of this substance . They call it fourth Dimension level plasma and say its strength is much stronger than molecular energy found in its people.

In the University of California, first in the year 1970, the existence of ‘antimatter’ was raised beyond the imagination area and at the authentic level. During the nuclear interaction, the photo of ‘antimatter’ was drawn. For this, a photographer was built specifically in fifteen billionth of a second, and that certified antimatter was given the name ‘Santa Omega Minus’. Since then, many more antikars have been discovered in these five years.

This search has become possible on the basis of three principles. (1) By presenting the evidence of being negative for power by the theory of relativity (2) by presenting a solution for quantum mechanics equation (3) by innovative explanation of the properties of the electromagnetic electro-mechanics.

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