Difficulties are misfortune or fortune
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Ordinary people understand the difficulties of misfortune. Those who have been born in a prosperous family, they are very afraid of every kind of ambiguity and wish that all their needs should be fulfilled without any difficulty. Other people also consider such individuals as ‘lucky’. Obviously, this is not the case. Those who have never displayed the rigors of life, they remain raw in many ways. That is why God has created happiness and has created pain and difficulties. Without experiencing them, man remains incomplete and his proper development is not possible.

There is no end to their whimsical, charity and favor. When the ordinary creatures have so much love on their works, then how much affection would be to that great lord of his children, it is not even possible to imagine it. The painter wants to paint his picture, the gardener his garden, the sculptor his statue, the farmer to his farm, Gadaria, in the good, advanced, developed condition of his sheep. They are pleased to see them in good condition, then God does not want his best creation to be in good standing, it can not happen. Surely the Lord’s intention is that we are all happy and well-developed. His kindness and compassion continued to rain on us.

Even so, it is seen that many people are very sad. They are suffering many kinds of suffering and lack. Many people, who are confused with fear, suffering, suffering, injustice and lack, are sinking in the ocean of sadness. There is such contingency on somebody that the heart of the beholders is struck. On such occasions, the kindness of God starts doubting, many times the sufferings are considered to be a God-fearing, divine futility. But the situation is not the same. The Lord cannot stand still for a moment. The one which we understand the adversity, that is also their mercy in a way.

Mother has extraordinary love on her child, she does not raise anything according to her understanding to make her happy, even if she does not have anything to do with her child. The child wants to eat a delicious meal in very high quantities. Mata knows that eating more will get sick because of this, so she does not care about the pain of the child crying, giving anything to eat as much as it is necessary. The child is kept away from fire, weapon ammunition etc. He is forced to stop if he wants to play. Even if it wants to play with the animals of the house, it is stopped so that they do not get crushed under the feet of their feet. If the child wants to tilt the window out of the balcony, then its independence is immediately stopped. Chatta is also applied for doing any improper work and is also closed in the closet to scare. Many times he is punished for getting a cock, standing in the sun, raising his ears, getting up and sitting, hungry etc. On being ill, the mother forces her bitter medicine and she gets ready to do the injection or operation even if it is not necessary for her suffering.

The child understands that the mother is very cruel, does not give me the kind of things, she harms like this and does not help me even after suffering. Due to hypocrisy, he can bring a malicious attitude towards his mother, blame it on the harshness, but surely his belief is misleading. If he could see the mother’s heart, he would have felt so much compassion in it and how high the whirlwind was taking in it. If he did not have such an affair, how would he tolerate his grief when he was suffering during childhood?

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