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What is Procrastination?

If you are doing something even though you know that you should do something else that is procrastination

Postponing thing for tomorrow which can be done today that is procrastination

Postponing things for later which can be done right now is procrastination

Procrastination is bad habit of putting off until the day after tomorrow what should have been done the day before yesterday.


Story of Procrastination

There was a student who will appear in Examination. He fill exam form and decide to give exam which was conducted 3 Months later. Student thought 3 month is good time to cover whole syllabus. He was also having other hobbies like watching movies, outing with friends. He thought that he has 3 months remaining and he can cover syllabus easily. He spent his time on watching movies, moving out with friends etc. Now only 2 Months are remaining and he has hardly started reading but he convince himself by saying that he will read 2 Hours extra in this 2 Month and cover all syllabus.

Now only one month remaining and he thought that he will read whole day in last two weeks to cover entire syllabus. But things not work as per his expectations and plan, when exam reaches near he find very low time for reading and got failed in exam.

Now we can see how procrastination can damage your productivity and career.

Kind of excuses for procrastination

  • It is not right time to do this thing.
  • It is not that important
  • I do not have time to do this
  • I do not have good amount of information to start this
  • Let this happen then after I will start this
  • I have got many other priorities

This excuses are very common. Somehow every person is giving this kind of excuses.

How to avoid procrastination

We are creator of our life hence it is our responsibility to avoid Procrastination which reduce our productivity and steal our opportunity for success.

Understand we are procrastinating Things

First of all we have to understand that we are procrastinating things. All it starts with identifying our difficulties. Unless you know what is your problem you are unable to solve this. When you understand you are procrastinating things you will be much aware towards your high priority work.

Make to do list

Keep clear list of high priority work and low priority work. When you understand the importance of any subject matter than you will prompt to do the thing which is really important in your life. Generally our mind acts like monkey which keeps wondering every time. We must make clear to do list to stop it from wondering and doing least important works.

Remove time Wasters

It starts with identifying where you invest your time.  Because if you are investing your time in useless activities then it will become part of your life in form of Habit.  Like watching television, discussing on garbage topics, surfing on internet without purpose etc. We don’t realize that how much and important time we are wasting in this kind of unimportant thing which is not going to make any difference in our life.

Breakdown Tasks In smaller one:

If you are given task which will take long time. You will definite procrastinate it. We generally avoid long task by convincing our self that it will take time and we should focus on other matters. Long tasks are generally find hard to do but when we breakdown our task in small it looks easy and there are least chances that we will procrastinate it.

Clear your vision in life:

People who have vision in their life are generally successful than them who don’t have it. When you have clear vision in your life you will understand important of Thing which are significant in your life. It will become easy for you to differentiate between thing which are high significant and least significant.

Ask yourself:

Always ask yourself what is important to you.

We always know what is important to us then why this question?

This question is just to remind yourself that you are procrastinating. When you get answer you will prompt to avoid things which are needless.

Procrastination is habit and like other habit it takes time and courage to change. It cannot be changed overnight. So keep trying.

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