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Under the scheme ‘Osma’ in Green Bank, West Virginia, a program for establishing contacts through radio waves was carried out by civilizations of remote constellations. Scientists say that four times this response has received no response. Although its meaning has not yet been understood. With this effort, the hope is bound that the creatures of other planets and stars will be able to interact and interact with the people of the earth, not only from the people of the earth but also in the near future.
It can be said only in the adaptations, it is said, but it can not be possible to define what the compatibility can be. It is said that the existence of life is threatened by excessive heat or extreme cold, but the experience has said that the thing is not so. Heat and cold can also remain the power of life in the very border.

Scientists are thrilled with the possibility of living on other planets by looking at this possibility, that life can flourish even in extremely extreme conditions. In a lot more cold than ice and more ice than frozen water, life-order is easily possible.

At the age of 33, Dr. Nobody-award-winning biologist Dr. Joshua Liederberg has said that before discovering the existence of life in other planets, it is necessary to try to know that the way life has evolved on earth, Is there any chance other than life-development or not? If possible, what is the sequence?

Where can the vegetation grow, where is not? Can not put any punctuation on this question now. Success has been achieved to increase the vegetable production in the area below zero temperature like the North Pole. And the production of food items has also been made possible in such situations where in relation to the so-called life-scientists have been saying that they can not be produced.
Scientists in the Union Carbide Research Institute, New York used artificially to create an atmosphere similar to Mars. In that environment, 98 percent argon gas and 2 percent of oxygen were kept. The temperature was kept below minus ten degrees centigrade. In this artificial atmosphere, 30 types of cucumber plants like cucumber and cucumber have been successfully grown. Although oxygen was just a name, these seeds still flourish here. In another experiment, taking several samples of soil in a vessel of glass, some of them were kept bacteria.

Carbon-dioxide, nitrogen and argon gas kept in the atmosphere inside the vessel, the oxygen was not kept. The water was kept in modest quantities. These utensils were kept at a temperature of minus 25 degrees centigrade for 16 hours. Then keep up to 25 degrees above eight hours. After months, these samples were examined in different periods. It is found that some types of bacteria also go into this condition and some also increase their population by reproduction. Liken, a mixture of algae and mildew also flourishes in this environment.

In another experiment, the seals were closed by putting Aerobacter, aurogenes and some other bacterial carbon-dioxide, nitrogen and a little nutritious medium. By half an hour a day, they would be kept at temperatures of minus 75 degrees, then at four and a half hours normal temperature. This sequence came for several days. After the experiment, the number of these micro-creatures was four thousand times more pre-ordered.

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