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Wherever the vision arises, a large family was sitting around it. They did not speak, they did not speak, but consciousness who lived in his soul used to say a lot without words. What he used to say was from the heart and used to show it. The very poignant words of such words were not heard before. His words directly entered the soul and allowed the Romans to roam. Now, where is the tsunami? Now, who is afraid? All the companions were companions who were sitting.

 Golden sunlight coming down from high peaks and coming to earth for some time had been gone as if an inexhaustible heart had developed a completely permanent knowledge. Under the shadow of the high mountains, the sun remains hidden in it, only for the few hours, it is seen only for the afternoon. Their rays give a wave of consciousness in all shrinking organisms. Mobility and happiness all start to grow. The sun of enlightenment is often hidden behind peaks of lust and craving, but whenever there is a rise in it, its golden rays will surely be seen producing a divine stir.

 Your body also came out of a cottage to enjoy the golden rays and walked towards the point of walking on the green grass in the velvet carpet. There was a large plateau of colorful flowers. The eyes were attracted the same way and the legs got up in the same direction.
Little children wearing a colorful tip over the head engaged in planning the game, it seemed as if they were flower-fitted plants. I sat between them and sat down. I felt like I am also a flower. If this plant makes me my partner too, then I also get a chance to get my lost childhood.
The feeling goes forward. When the interval halts then the rationalist ideas are also cold. Human beings have a strong composition power. These are your worlds. Not only fantasy but powerful – even alive He has created the creation of God and Gods on the basis of his own spirit and has made him so great by thrusting him with reverence as he is himself. If your emotions were to become a flower, then there was no delay in making that happen. It seems that the floral children sitting in these lines have joined me as attendants to participate in my game.
The person who was seated with large yellow flowers, and was verbose.

 He said in his language – friend! You are born in vain in humans is there any life of them too? Worry at all times, stirring all the time, stress all the time, crushing all the time. Now times you have to be planted, stay with us. Do not see how happy we all are, how many blouses, how much peace is there to live as life, all these people know. Do not see inside our internal glee is going out as aroma. Our laughter is scattered in the form of flowers. All of us love. We all offer happiness. Live with joy and bring those who come near to rejoice. This is the art of living life. Man sings wisdom; but what is the wisdom of the work, which does not help the process of living a simple, laughing-game.

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