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Man is a part of humanity. His nutrition was done by the whole population. The body of the water-bearing fish is alive in the water, as the body of water, so a part of the mass is a component of the society because it is a spark of a wider consciousness, it brings joy to the group itself. In loneliness, due to being unaffiliated with that broad group consciousness, internal nutrition stops, due to this lack of restlessness, fear of desertion can be.

Imagination ran further. In confirmation of established recognition, he found many memoirs of life. Many of the events of solitary distinction were remembered, there was no joy in them, it was cut from time to time. I remember the days of prison trials in the freedom struggle when there had to be closed in the dungeon. Well, there was no problem in the black hole but there was a mental pressure of desolation. After one month after getting rid of the closet, it became yellow like a ripe mango. Standing in the eyes stood the eyes darkened. Because the tragedy seemed bad, so all the parts of the brain were evil We were engaged in life to prove The brain is just like a wise servant. Consistent with the feeling and belief of the inner soul, he deposits the mountains of thoughts, arguments, testimonies, causes, and examples. The matter is right or wrong – it is the duty of wisdom to decide. The responsibility of the brain is so full that wherever the taste goes, the necessary material should be present in order to justify its support. My mind was doing the same at this time.

The brain has now started thinking philosophically. Selfish people consider themselves alone, think alone of profit-loss. They do not see any of them, so they are deprived of the joy of collectivity. His consolation keeps on doing as well as the Sun God. The life pictures of many acquaintances came forward, which were not lacking in wealth, prosperity of Shri Prosperity; But due to the limitations of selfishness, they all seem superficial, they all have to complain and suffering.

The flow of thoughts was running fast in its direction It seemed that he would prove to be not only unsuitable as harmful and painful, and interest would have its effect – what would it be if he remained in this stupidity? What is the purpose of living in the group rather than living alone, why not get all this?

Wisdom recognized the wrong race of mind and said- If the tragedy was such an inappropriate then why would the sage and the monk, seekers, proven, thinker and scientist search for him? Why live in that environment? If there was no sign of solitary, why would he be looking for happiness and self-realization? Why would the desolation be searched for meditation? Why would the prudent men and women spend valuable time in that uncomfortable loneliness?

As the horse stops at the bridle, the torrential idea flow was also stopped. Integrity said – Self-inspiration of solitary worship cannot be untrue. Faith said – The power that has been pulled up on this path cannot be misguided. The spirit said – The creature comes alone, goes alone, crying alone in his body, in the closet, does he appear to be somewhat uncomfortable in this definite legislation? The sun runs alone, the Moon alone emerges, the air is the lone lunatic, in this, there is some pain in them?

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