How to improve your physical and mental power
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A happy man has many benefits; the mind remains happy, the senses are contented, there is excitement in the mind, there is a convenience to progress, the buddies grow, the courage increases, the opportunities for pride are found. There are other benefits of this type of happiness, but the benefits of sorrow are also not lesser benefits. Sadness is the development of the sleeping talent of the human being, to get relief from suffering, all skills of the mind are activated with great readiness, the body also becomes idle by leaving laziness. The sauce, who teaches the horse good tricks, hurts on his back, which makes the horse move quickly and quickly, and at the same time, it is practiced to make a good move by the hint. Sadness is a type of hunter that makes our lingering physical and mental powers active by instigating them and teaches them to do the right thing by teaching Dharma.

Dissatisfaction comes out of the abscess, due to diarrhea, the accumulated stool in the stomach becomes purified, due to an infraction, the defect of the cell defects becomes mitigation. When the pain comes, the burden of accumulated sin gets reduced and the intestine becomes very clean, pure and light. By putting the gold in the fire, the contaminated substances leaked to it are discarded and the pure and pure gold becomes direct. Man’s bad habits, bad habits, corrupted emotions, and ideologies do not leave until he gets in trouble. By eating a big piece of nature, the unconscious senses and then he takes care of that stupid move. The knowledge which is not heard by the teachings of great precepts, discourses, and stories, it becomes a heartbeat, very easy to eat, if one eats a calamity of calamity, in this way, many times punish more than a thousand times punishments by thousands of gurus goes.

Where there are many good things in happiness, there is also a great evil that man gets into the trick of adding more pleasures, forgetting the usefulness, blowing, drowning in ego, adding more. Most of his time is engaged in trivial interests. On behalf of skill, he often turns back. To save his son from this bad condition, God takes away his money, stole from reading and sticks every watch like a child’s toys attached to the toy, such as snatching and hiding the mother, just like money, children, women, God snatches the toy and inspires us to do more important work than you have done for this problem. Many times, for the education of ‘Skip the game and go school,’ many times loss, disaster Person is divinely organized.

How much higher souls think of the pain of asceticism as the origin of their ultimate friend and world-welfare and willingly impose it with the chest. This creates their karma for immortality and the fire of that penance gives the light to the public till the ages. They performed voluntarily that Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ etc. did the hard work. If they had made a slight change in their activity then they would have easily avoided those objections. But he saw that this suffering or loss was trivial compared to that great advantage, so he gladly stayed firm on his hard way. Others may imagine that they have tried hard, but if they can get a proper introduction to their homeland, then they would have felt that their consort was happily tolerating all of them.

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