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Probably one of the most popular concepts known to mankind is the power of positive thinking to the point that it can sometimes feel a bit cliché. However, the mental and physical perks of positive thinking are constantly proven by numerous scientific studies. Positive motivation or positive thinking is believed to make you feel more confident, boost your mood, and even lower the risks of suffering from conditions such as depression, hypertension, and other disorders related to stress.

These may all sound great but what is positive thinking in the first place?

Positive thinking is defined as a positive self-talk, positive imagery, or general optimism. However, these remain to be ambiguous and general concepts. If you want to be more positive and more effective in your thinking, you will need to learn concrete ways on how to hone positive motivation or thinking.

Some good examples are the following:

Focus on Good Things, No Matter How Small

You can never avoid encountering obstacles every day because a perfect day simply doesn’t exist. If you ever find yourself amidst such challenge, try focusing on benefits, however unimportant or slight they may seem. For instance, if you were stranded in traffic, just consider yourself lucky because you will get more time listening to your favorite songs. If your favorite meal is not available in the nearest diner, think of how thrilling it will be to try something new.

Use Positive Affirmation to Kick Off Your Day

The way you start your morning will set the tone for your entire day. Did you ever wake up panicked because you were late and you felt as if the rest of your day turned out sour? It is possibly because your day started with negative emotions and pessimistic views that you then carry on to other happenings throughout the day. Don’t let the negatives dominate and instead, use positive affirmations to start the day. Talk to yourself in front of the mirror no matter how silly it may feel. Claim that today is going to be a good day or that you will be awesome this day. You will be surprised how your day will improve for the better.

Learn Lessons from Your Failures

You are not perfect in any way. You will make mistakes along the way and experience failures in different contexts, with different people at different jobs. Instead of lingering on your failures, think about the things you can do better next time. These failures can turn into lessons.

Always Find Humor in Not So Good Situations

Let yourself enjoy humor amidst the darkest and most challenging situations. Don’t forget yourself that the situation could make a great story down the road and come up with a joke about this.

Turn Negative Self-Talks into Positive Ones

It is very easy for negative self-talks to creep in and the worse is that these are usually difficult to notice. Thinking that you are bad in doing something, or you shouldn’t have tried doing this or that will make you create wrong thoughts of yourself. Every time you notice yourself doing it, stop then replace the negative messages with more positive ones.

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