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In 1928, when Dirac interpreted Quantum Mechanic’s equation and interpreted negative form of energy and rendered existence of every electron, positron, then erstwhile Monumental Scientists ridiculed him, but reverse search continued in the year 1932 when every electron If the photos were pulled out, then matter was proved authentic. It is well known that invention of transistor is possible only with help of ‘hole’ and ‘electron’ process. In this ‘home’ is virtually a form of electrons.
One of biggest difficulties per electron is that his life span is very different. Once he is born, he gets combined with electron, and that merger generates ‘Gamma Rays’.

In the early days of per substance and per search of the world, only the electron rival could be discovered, every electron, but this possibility remained in meditation so that other particles could have per bird, antagonism and antagonists. It also got a solution in 1955. Neutrons and protons antagonists have also been discovered with help of a microscope. This has led to the acceptance of the substance and the world of principle, and it has been hoped that sometime humans will be able to fulfill the dream of becoming this masterpiece as their ruler and not only become the master of the whole world.

So far, our experience in relation to matter is very simple. Right now, hand of resource is just a reflection. How difficult and complex it is to know those people who use means of nuclear explosion, have to use excessive energy in that work. Fusion is more difficult synthesis than reflection. This will require more power to be used for experimentation than the refutation. Even greater difficulty is that energy and reaction generated by energy and action used for synthesis will be so strong that it cannot be controlled at least in today’s situation if it is not possible. The synthesis of atoms per million will be estimated to heat up to one million degrees. It can be assumed that how terrible it will be that the water starts boiling only after boiling and steam with only 100 degrees heat.

The power of every molecule is more than thousand times more than its known molecule. If he gets the hand, then only with helium gas, we will be able to create a new sun and use it like that.
There is another bad habit in every substance that it enters the ‘substance’ as it is born and dissolves in it. If ‘per atom’ becomes, how can it be prevented from entering the current atom? This is an even bigger headache. Incidentally, principle of origin of new thing is well known. When nuclear peripherals combined with atoms are combined, then do not know which new power emerges. If it was not creative, it became demolished, then your earth would become like a match with its match. Map of the whole solar system and its entire galaxy can change. Then what is seen today can be seen from different types of scenes.

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