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If a normal person lives in those circumstances, then, without crying out the fate or the cry of God, nothing can do anything except living on society. In fact, the convenience of the tools increases the value of great work. The importance of the fund is equally important to Johnson’s patience and non-business. Attention of those who enjoy luxury can’t be attentive to the ideality of life. The pride of the multiplicity of money couldn’t understand the greatness of knowledge, greatness of knowledge possessions. Such wealthy people from such wealthy people are large, who have sacrificed the pearl of knowledge to the society for the upliftment of culture. The saga of his labor and service will continue to sing immortality of high ideals he has made.

 The fingers of the fingers were not from the birth of Padmraj Arora of Lahore. Parents were greatly pained at seeing this crippled son and he understood the boy as a burden on the family. For him, they were always worried. But this disrupted son did not let the parents stay worried for a long time. He showed it by doing that which can’t always be fully healthy and even auspicious. Not only in one area but in many areas, leaving a remarkable impression of his youthfulness, he showed that God gave so much that even in obstacles, education can be gained from education to office and from the arena to the playground. He continued to play and enjoy, till he came to his senses, but as soon as he came to know that he had done injustice to nature, he had done injustice. Seeing his handsome beggars and useless ones like him, he becomes even more depressed and thinks that nature has snatched both of my travels just to make my life worthless like them.

 Turning into stream of feelings and determination to succeed in examination of life, establishing importance of happiness and effort and to put this example in front of people, that physical disability cannot be obstructed in progress, they begin to grow in the same direction. As soon as the thoughts were correct, powers of Sri Padmaraj Aurora also became favorable and their orientation started to look right from you. Passed together the education of B.Com and advocacy in field of education. Using time in dual work at one time means reaching a near goal soon. The remarkable thing is that he used to write beautiful calligraphy, such as keeping his letters printed by his fingers without even having his fingers. Only by pressing the palm.

 Because of physical impairment and weakness, Mr. Padmaraj Aurora often works with others Used to be behind with the spirit of competition, Aurora Ji considered to move ahead with others in her physical work even when she was physically ill, to achieve this goal she started the exercise with the restraint rule.

 Even in ordinary circumstances people with high morale and courage can achieve big success. No obstacles are prevented by the man, nor can misfortune be bad. Man creates his destiny in difficulty. If the man does not have the courage and hope does not break, then the world is so big that finding solution to solve difficulties becomes available from somewhere. Many excellent successes have been found in such courageous and entrepreneurial people. There was no success in the success of the fortune-tellers or fortune-tellers. Success is also a courageous and helpless slave of the man. Why did he start blinding the blind?

 An ambassador of progressive man takes the place in which he also makes his place. Mr. Arora also got some success in the beginning. The initial success would have been encouraged and he got the second position in the provincial level wrestling competition. Not only wrestling, in field of hockey, football is also champion of world school. This is character of a true man and a man. Such people become glory of society and glory of country.

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