Challenges in your life
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The difficulties of man are of two types – the outer and second inner intuitive inner The sight of ordinary man goes towards external difficulties, but rarely does the human eye have the ability to see inner difficulties. But in reality, the real difficulties of man are internal, external difficulties are the implantation of internal difficulties. Any kind of situation can be beneficial or harm to a person. The favorable situation can work evil and adversity The situation which frightens man, actually damages him. If the situation is difficult and it does not happen to the human being, then it does not harm the person but only benefits it. The mind of man is composed with inner contemplation. No one fears the circumstances of the person who has the complete determination of his duty, who is ready to lose his service to fulfill it. There is immense power in man’s mind. The power that he requires is the power that he gets from within his own self. The person who keeps on putting himself in grave danger from duty, he starts experiencing the immense power within himself. He also gets extraordinary strength to overcome his problems. As his experience of this kind of inner strength increases, his functionality also increases.

Whenever a person finds himself lying in difficulties, then he does not care for his duty. Due to not taking care of duty, he is surrounded by external difficulties. The issues related to the person who is in difficulty are confused. If any internal difficulties are solved then its external difficulties will be solved smoothly. External and inner difficulties are relative to each other. The human being is knowledge of fighting with external difficulties and, as it has more and more knowledge, it is also able to achieve the extra difficulties of the world.

In every person who feels the fear of every difficulty, the situation of the human being remains intact. Because of this intercourse, there is no unification of human mental power, due to being a mutation-the cause of man’s mind becomes weak due to the battle of meaninglessness. In such a situation, when the external hardship is encountered in front of him, then he can not garner his mental strength and is frightened by it. The way a nation that is entangled in internal conflict is weak and appeals to external objections. Similarly, if a person with mental intimacy, then expects external difficulties, then he will get peace in his inner mind. Nankma Manahi is the activity of the devil. Many difficulties in resolving external difficulties are solved by themselves.

Generally, the work which comes into the hands of a human being, which will only benefit itself, but the benefit of the other will not leave it. Those who need to endure sacrifice and suffering to fulfill the work If he prepares his practice in such a way, he will see that he will have a strong spiritual knowledge. The same knowledge which comes from human consciousness does not come from cosmic thinking, it comes from fighting its own circumstances. The mental unity and peace that comes not from raga-enjoying comes automatically by fighting the difficulties. Keeping up the difficulties is not only necessary to make your life successful, but it is also necessary to encourage other people too. Just as human beings are contagious, virtue is also contagious. Seeing a coward running away from the ranks, other soldiers also run away from the ranks and seeing one fight fiercely in the battle, the other person does not leave the courage. Within them, the sense of bravery becomes awakened. All human beings have a sense of defects and virtues of all kinds. The kind of mental qualities in which human beings live in, there is a manifestation of the same kind of mental qualities. The character of the heroic man is the education for other people. This is the biggest donation to his society.

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