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Thoughts of thought by thought, this theory of psychiatry has its own worked on. Those thoughts which were experiencing their perfection before half time, now fall like a cut tree, resistant ideas defeated them. Self-attorneys, therefore, shows the importance of cutting inauspicious ideas with auspicious ideas. Bad thoughts from bad, no matter how strong they are, the good antagonist can be cut off by ideas. How can unlucky assumptions be made in accordance with auspicious beliefs, by changing the breezes in that beautiful night, I see them directly. Now the brain has started thinking about the utility of solitude – necessity and importance.

The moon had reached the head. Many of his mirrors were shining in the waves of the Ganges as if one Brahma entered into many bodies and understood his imagination from the visual form. The scene was very pleasant. After leaving the cottage, he went to see a beautiful view of the Ganga coast and went on to look at that beautiful scene. After a while, he slept and slept on that soft rock. Felt that it was a waterfall of lotus floral- Forms in the form. It seemed like the supernatural peace, sea-soft currency as if all the purity of this earth is being collected and the human being is being transmitted in the body. He did not stop, came to sit near the rock and sat on it as if it was being seen in the awakened state.

That god daughter slowly sings with a pleasant voice Started to say something in I started listening to a single mind that quote- Tunnhered Spirit Do not treat yourself alone in this uninhabited forest. Seeing the sight, you have scattered all around. Do not believe yourself to be limited to human beings. In this vast creation man is also a small creature, he has a place, but everything is not the same. Why is this supposed to be so where there is no human? The other root being considered as animate is also dear to the person as you are, why do not they consider themselves as a sibling? Why do not they see their soul? Why do not they consider yourself as a companion? There are no other human beings in this deserted but other countless organisms. Animal insects- Kites, trees – Many vaginal plants live in this. Everyone has the soul, the feeling in all, the spirit in everyone. If you could get your soul mixed with the souls of these unconscious souls, then you will be able to see your clan soul as a whole soul.

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